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About us
Pretty Pieces can be found at events such as craft fairs, street fairs, country shows, fetes etc and also attends lots of Charity events.  We would be delighted to hold a coffee morning or evening party to help you raise money for your favourite charity.  We are based in the Witney area but are happy to post items to you. Our stock is fairly small but is a frequently changing range of scarves, bags, jewellery and other pretty things as we like variety!   Hoping you will like our goodies as much as we do!   Please get in touch via email or message on Facebook if you have any queries or wish to purchase anything.


     EVENTS  2018

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More dates added as they are booked​

Jan 25                                         NOC
Feb 17                                         Witney Corn X​​

Feb 27                                         NOC

 25                                       NOC

May 22                                        NOC

June 27                                       NOC

July 18                                         NOC

Aug 26 & 27                                 White Horse Show​​

Aug 29                                         NOC

Sept 15                                        Charlbury St Fair​​
Sept 20-22​                                 Millets farm

Sept 29                                       Ploughing Match​​

Oct 13                                         CN Town Hall​​

Oct 18                                          NOC

Oct 27​​                                         North Leigh

Nov 3                                           CN Town Hall​​

Nov 5                                           NOC

Nov 28                                         Oxford Sc Park​​

Dec 1                                           Adderbury

Dec 2​​​​

Dec 14                                          NOC

Dec 15                                         CN Town hall​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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